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This is the official Blog of DAVASHOKVIHAR@Library. Explore the links; you will get a complete picture of all offline and online resources available and services provided by the Library. Here is a friend, who will help you to find, evaluate and use the right information at right time. Education is the manifestation of the perfection already existing in man.All the performance of great human art and unbelievable discoveries which we regard as wonders are nothing but perseverance in disguise. Indomitable determination, firm will-power and adequate preparation is the key to success. Set your goals in right time and work hard to achieve them. Regular, steady and sincere efforts always bear fruits. Never put off your work till tomorrow. Realize the importance of time. In this world of tough competition, there is no place for mediocrity. Be true to yourself, sincere towards your study, respectful to your teachers and honest to your parents. Groom yourself into a responsible and respectable citizen of the country and the world by imbibing love for healthy traditions of our rich and glorious heritage. Always do good to make your family, school and nation proud of you.

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