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To impart Vedic teaching in the public school system of education, the school endeavours to enable the students to imbibe the sublime elements of our culture and civilization. Stress is laid on the universal aspect of Indian culture the students are introduced to our rich spiritual heritage which transcends the narrow limits of caste, colour, creed and language. Emphasis is laid on the practical part and all the academic and co-curricular activities which go a long way to build up an atmosphere in which the students imbibe, though unconsciously, the time-honoured values of life that we cherish the most.
The mental health and well-being of our children require our attention. We understand that the school plays a crucial role in the development of cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and moral aptitude and competencies in our children. Childhood and adolescence are times when they realise who they are and what would they like to be. It’s a time to carve their identities, attitudes and values. According to the National Curriculum Framework 2005, the aim of education envisages imparting social values and life skills along with academics. In today’s fast-changing, comparative world, we must enable children to make sense of life pursue a purpose and recognise and rights of others. We understand the development of self-esteem and ethics, the need to cultivate children’s creativity, and the desire to live in harmony with oneself and with one’s natural and social environment this philosophy, we have counsellors to impart life skill education to the students to realise their strengths and weaknesses to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life, through various group and individual counselling sessions. The counsellors also provide help for a wide range of emotional and psychological like personal discomfort, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem etc. through inculcating appropriate coping skills, in individual sessions, as per the child’s needs. Our endeavour at DAV is to promote healthy and harmonious growth of children to give able-minded and competent citizens to society, who live a productive and fulfilling life.
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