Health and Wellness  

Health and Wellness Vision Statement:

"At  DAV ASHOK VIHAR, we envision a community where the well-being of every student, staff member, and family member is prioritized and nurtured. Our commitment to health and wellness is unwavering, fostering an environment where physical, mental, and emotional health thrive. We believe that a healthy body and mind are essential foundations for academic success, personal growth, and lifelong well-being."


Program Ideas:

Physical Education Excellence: Implement a comprehensive physical education program that includes a variety of sports and activities to encourage active lifestyles among students.


Mental Health and Counseling Services: Offer on-site counselling services and promote mental health awareness through workshops and seminars.


Nutrition Education: Develop initiatives to educate students about the importance of nutrition and provide access to healthy food options in the school cafeteria.


Physical Fitness Challenges: Organize regular fitness challenges, such as fun runs or obstacle courses, to encourage physical activity and team participation.


Mindfulness and Stress Reduction: Introduce mindfulness and stress reduction programs to help students manage academic and personal stress effectively.


Health Promotion Campaigns: Launch health promotion campaigns that focus on topics like hygiene, vaccination, and disease prevention.


Parent Involvement: Engage parents in wellness programs by offering workshops on healthy parenting and family wellness.


Healthy School Environment: Ensure that the school environment promotes wellness by providing clean, safe, and inviting spaces for physical activity.


Peer Support Groups: Establish peer support groups to create a sense of belonging and emotional support among students.


Community Partnerships: Collaborate with local healthcare providers and organizations to bring health professionals to the school for health check-ups and educational events.


Wellness Challenges: Organize friendly wellness challenges among students and staff, encouraging healthy competition and camaraderie.


Healthy Eating Initiatives: Create gardens or nutrition clubs that teach students about growing and preparing healthy foods


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